New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price

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Designed to address your ordinary tasks, the ASUS F555 redefines your expectancies of an all-rounder pocket book. The frame’s subtle end of concentric circles and the palm relaxation’s matte coating not most effective provides a hint of class and elegance, it also helps to save you fingerprints and decrease scratches. Housing multiple USB 3.0 ports for instant facts switch and the latest 802.11ac wi-fi for immediate internet connectivity, you will be amazed via how rapid and clean it is to get things executed with the F555.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400

Spesification Laptop Asus F555 from Expert Reviews:

1. Making each day a touch much less normal of Laptop Asus F555 Support Gaming

Designed to tackle your everyday tasks, the ASUS F555 redefines your expectancies of an all-rounder pocket book. The frame’s subtle end of concentric circles and the palm rest’s matte coating no longer most effective provides a hint of class and elegance, it also allows to save you fingerprints and decrease scratches. Housing multiple USB three.0 ports for instant facts transfer and the modern day 802.11ac wireless for instant internet connectivity, you will be amazed by how rapid and easy it's far to get things performed with the F555.

  • Home windows 10 (64bit) preinstalled.
  • 15.6” matte FHD show minimizes screen glare, presenting a at ease content material viewing experience.
  • Beautiful undying concentric circle cowl end prevents scratches and fingerprints.
  • ASUS IceCool technology keeps the palm rest location cool at all times for relaxed use.
  • Modern day 802.11ac wi-fi connectivity offers faster performance even at longer variety.
  • 1 12 months unintended damage safety blanketed, protecting unintentional drop, liquid spill, fire surge. ..And many others

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400

2. Modern and timeless design of Laptop Asus  F555 for sale under $400

The smooth, modern-day layout features a finish of diffused concentric circles, with a gray palm rest. It feels comfortable for your fingers, so that you can seize it on the cross. And there’s no need to worry approximately smudges, for the reason that whole body is fingerprint-resistant. With an HD digital camera, now you could Skype with buddies or have a video conference with coworkers. The camera’s high-sensitivity sensor adjusts for that reason with the lighting fixtures of the encircling surroundings, offering a smoother video stream even in darkish conditions.

3. Windows 10 preinstalled of Laptop Asus  F555 for sale lowest price.

windows 10 offers you a familiar revel in combined with extraordinary new capabilities like a virtual assistant* and a brand new browser for purchasing matters accomplished on-line. It’s speedy, first-rate at multi-tasking, or even enables you stay up to date at the modern-day functions and security.

*Cortana available in choose markets at release; experience may vary through location and device.

4. Work efficaciously of this best cheap Windows Laptop

With the modern-day fifth technology Intel center i3 processor, the F555 offers you the overall performance you want at the same time as eating electricity correctly to ensure a longer battery existence. Plus, the 2 USB 3.Zero ports – 10 instances quicker than USB 2.Zero – helps you to transfer photographs, music and movies in a fraction of the time.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400

5. Cool and stable this best cheap laptop for students

To maintain heating troubles at bay, ASUS IceCool generation features a completely unique inner format that continues palm relaxation surface temperatures consistently at a underneath body temperature lever. This enables you to stay at ease for hours on cease whilst the usage of the computer.

6. Pitch-best audio: New Laptop Asus F555 

A aggregate of hardware, software, and tuning, ASUS SonicMaster become developed with the clean aim of providing you with the exceptional notebook pc audio. A expert codec guarantees precise sound performance; an optimized amplifier offers you louder volumes, while larger speakers and resonance chambers supply effective audio output and deeper bass. Additional sign processing facilitates great song the hardware, filtering noise and enhancing audio clarity so you can enjoy unrivalled audio in your ASUS computer.

7. Intuitive Touchpad Navigation - clever Gesture input Laptop Asus F555

A clever Gesture multitouch pad offers you extraordinary tiers of accurate and intuitive fingertip enter, so the entirety feels herbal, whether or not you're browsing the internet, or just navigating via a document on screen.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400

8. Your usually On-call computer Medics 

1 12 months unintentional harm protection with 30 days zero vibrant Dot assure is the maximum comprehensive insurance available. Gives you protection towards drops, spills and electrical surges whilst ensuring a flawless display with 0 vibrant dots. Some thing does appear, there’s a free 24/7 technical aid line and a couple of-manner unfastened popular delivery for maintenance.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Price: $339.99 / Special today.

Note: "This Product special prize of New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch Only available in US region"

Expert Review of best cheap laptop Asus F555 for school

Expert Reviews: 1
By Nancy Ars

Major takeaway: i am very thrilled with the acquisition universal and exceedingly recommend it to anyone who wishes a pc for everyday usage. Take into account specially that many human beings over-purchase or get talked into matters they don't need. The i3 in this gadget is more than able to acting the majority of responsibilities maximum users will require of it. Gamers who want a video card able to going for walks the latest and finest new releases will want to appearance elsewhere, but this pc have to be great for anybody who might be in the main surfing the internet, watching streaming videos, paying attention to tune, writing emails, operating with word processing, and so on.

Take into account that buying it with positive credit score playing cards (American express, Visa Signature, others?) will automatically double the producer's 12 month warranty.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400


- At $350 shipped, it's essentially a $300 pc with specs appropriate to the charge and a $50 full-HD 1080p display screen. Perhaps the market is transferring to HD at this price point, but I doubt there are numerous systems available with these specs/display at this charge. I was thinking about a Chromebook or the like, however for $a hundred (or much less) I got a totally purposeful laptop with a full HD display. Wow.

- Battery lifestyles after unpacking and charging overnight shows 4.5 hours at the battery saver placing. I suspect 3-four hours might be practical once it's getting used.

- The display appears extremely good with a chunk of mild bleeding on the bottom fringe of mine. It is best noticeable in a dark room even as looking a dark movie, so i am probably being overly important. Again, $350, and wow. The viewing angles are okay however i am positive they'd look terrible if positioned next to a $2000 pc.

- no longer a touch screen. That can be within the "con" section for some, however i've were given an ultrabook that I never, ever use the touchscreen on. I'm sort of happy this one does not have it on the way to reduce failures and faults that might doubtlessly be related to it.

- Touchpad - most significantly, it does not seem to interfere with or affect typing. The left and right buttons are included into the design and there is no side between them. The buttons have a fairly loud click whilst used, despite the fact that the touchpad may be used while a bit greater silence is desired or required.

- Keyboard feels good although it would not have the tactile feedback I opt for. It is placed well ordinary and is responsive.

- home windows 10 will take some adjusting to, however i'm fairly impressed with how quickly it boots in spite of the manufacturing unit 5400RPM tough power.

- RAM has a hatch for clean upgrading (see image), and there may be an empty slot available to feature another stick. Put off the little circular plug cowl to reveal a screw, then you could do away with the quilt. I have attached CPU-Z info and screengrabs of the RAM and SSD upgrades recommended by means of critical the use of their scanner. I'm now not recommending or endorsing them, just presenting the data in case all people wishes it or desires to pass reference with different drives/RAM that may work.

- The lid is plastic and textured very subtly, so no fingerprints.


- bare bones 4GB RAM and 500GB 5400RPM HDD, although i'm sure it is a large part of the reason they could sell at this fee.

- HDD isn't smooth to replace. There may be a video on youtube titled "Asus F555L Disassembly for tough Disk alternative" that shows how, but it is no longer as smooth as it may be, sadly. It appears that the decrease cowl is structural now, so be cautious when you're taking it apart.

- a piece of flex in the keyboard, however I do not assume it is irrelevant for a pc in this fee variety.

- No discs for manufacturing facility restore or choice to create them with Asus software program that I could locate, so make sure to use the home windows backup option as quickly as you get hold of the device. Search for "document records" and Backup and repair (windows 7).

Expert Reviews 2
By Dylan

That is an superb purchase. After studying such a lot of bad reviews, I just had to allow you to understand my revel in, one from a particularly technical individual who has not most effective used and repaired, but prepped loads and hundreds of new laptops.
I ordered it Tuesday night, it arrived Wednesday afternoon. Yes, it would have been free two-day delivery with prime, but I couldn't wait, so I paid the greater pittance of $eleven for at some point delivery.
I was surprised by the massive box that i used to be able to shake and sense contents without problems flow round. Whilst opened, it became simply the pc container with a strip of paper keeping it from sliding to the rims of the bigger container. The laptop box itself packed the pc well sufficient I don't assume this made much distinction. However (are you listening Amazon?), i'd had been a lot happier if the smaller container was absolutely held in place more securely.

As to the pc...
I gave it 5 stars, yet it is actually, for me, about four and half of, maybe four and three/four stars. An extremely good value for the rate, with just a couple of things I wished they'd made easier from a (techie) client point of view. Particularly, the lack of ability to take away the battery and, the problem in changing out the blanketed tough drive for an SSD and, being capable of handiest upload one (1) reminiscence module (in place of being capable of take out the blanketed RAM and upload  a whole lot larger modules).
Battery: i love to take out the battery whilst i've this plugged in at domestic and only put it again in once I take it out on the road. Maximum laptop batteries final approximately 300 expenses - or for most people - about 1 year, earlier than they begin to lose their price in no time. That is normal. I have laptops that still hold a fee for 2-five hours which can be over 5 years old due to the fact I plug them in, without the battery established, each danger i get.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400

Hard power: The protected 5400 rpm hard power is pleasant. Massive enough for the general public and turned into zippy sufficient, taking most effective 41 seconds to boot to the computing device while i was finished putting in my Anti-virus, video games and workplace programs. However, an SSD is plenty, tons quicker. (may take beneath 10 seconds to boot?) In reality, i bought a 256GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD (solid nation force) to replace the unique "spinning platter" (like a phonograph report) pressure. But, the exhausting venture of absolutely taking aside the shell, just to get to the difficult pressure AND the reality that the protected drive is in reality working first-rate (for now?) is setting me off on making the change, despite the fact that i have already prepped the SSD.
I have performed this with many, many laptops. It is now not clearly all that hard. But you truly have to take exquisite care whilst pulling things aside. It's far extremely clean to rip out hidden ribbons and cables. Making that venture, particularly on a laptop i've by no means completed it on before, take an particularly long, sluggish, and cautious experience. I'm simply no longer certain I want to make the effort because it already works fine. Perhaps this weekend, if i've the time. I will edit if I do. First I need to test it out with the basic defaults.

RAM: The protected 4GB reminiscence is great for maximum functions. Adding another 8GB stick simply lets in me to do more things immediately. However, i'd have favored the possibility to feature two 8 GB sticks and have 16GBs in preference to best 12GB.
It did take me less than 3 mins to feature a new stick. Much less than a minute to open the packaging, about a minute to unscrew and pop the RAM cowl on the bottom of the laptop, and about a minute to insert it, and put the duvet back in region.
*be aware: if you do this, make sure to deal with most effective the rims of the stick and insert it at a 45 degree perspective, all the way in, earlier than pushing it down in place. Additionally, obviously, be sure the computer is unplugged and turned off.
**notice 2: The makers blanketed up the screw with a tiny piece of stick paper. If you take a small sharp knife, you must be capable of gently carry if up from the corner, go away it at the knife and update it after screwing the whole lot go into reverse.

Right here are the reasons I trust this is an extremely good price:
- huge display screen. Complete HD (high Definition). 1920x1080. Many laptops this size use tons larger pixels so things appear larger, however you genuinely see much less on the display.
*observe: This turned into additionally one of the detractors. The 15" screen is almost as huge as my 17" computer's display screen. It has very extensive bezels
- 500 GB hard drive. I would anticipate to pay some other $100-$200 for a 1TB force to be covered. So this became truthful.

- 2 USB three.0 slots. USB 1.Zero con transfer most effective 1.5MB consistent with 2d (MBps), 2.0 is forty instances that at 60MBps, and USB three.0 is 10x quicker than that! At 640MBps. AMAZINGLY speedy if backing up to an outside drive. And you get  of them, woot!
- wi-fi of 802.11ac. Most laptops are nonetheless touting 802.11n. Which is a lot better and quicker than 802.11g. But "ac" is 3x quicker than that!
PLUS.. You get the benefit of being able to deal with connections to each 2.4GHz AND 5GHz at the equal time.
Allow me give an explanation for.. Think about yourself having a communication with someone in everyday tones, and having a mosquito humming. Two one-of-a-kind tones, or frequencies, however both definitely capable of be heard, at the identical time. Then believe having a verbal exchange with  human beings, both talking in everyday tones, on the same time. Hard to in reality capture what one is announcing over the other. Properly, that is what the two frequencies assist with. Whilst most others around you're the use of 802.11n/b/g (all jogging at 2.4GHz), kind of like having a small room full of humans talking at the equal time with their voices echoing lower back and becoming jumbled and tough to listen, you may be the use of the 5GHz frequency which isn't interfered with via all of the different voices. You could also be the usage of your Bluetooth gadgets on the equal time, and having little to no interference. These days, Bluetooth headsets, microphones, mice, keyboards, 802.11b/g/n gadgets and even microwave ovens, all intrude with each other at the two.4GHz degree.

- A DVD read/creator that both reads AND writes to normal DVDs AND dual Layer DVD's. *as opposed to best 4.7GBs you get eight.4GBs according to aspect!

- CPU: A dual-middle i3 that consists of "Hyper-threading" and runs at 2.1GHz. Yes, you're procuring that. Many laptops for $a hundred much less are strolling "atom" processors at most effective 1.6 or 1.Eight GHZ. Plenty, a good deal slower, and much less able to run a couple of matters at the equal time.
*word: "Hyper-Threading" facilitates the CPU process things about 37% quicker. For instance, we could say there are  price tag takers within the movie theater, taking tickets from 2 strains of human beings. Glaringly this is plenty quicker than simplest 1 price ticket taker, but no longer simply *twice* as rapid, on account that whats up still should watch for all and sundry to shuffle forward with their price ticket, which they'll or won't have straight away prepared at hand to the price ticket-taker.
Now consider a 3rd line, a "standby" line. In which, while a ticket-taker is anticipating a person in the important line to shuffle forward or get their ticket equipped, they can take a ticket from the following character in the "stand-by way of" line.
(**BTW: this is also why a center-i5 CPU is faster than a middle-i3. It would not have 'Hyper-threading", but alternatively has 4 cores instead of . So it can have 4 committed strains - with none standby line. And a core-i7 has four cores AND 'hyperthreading').

- Keyboard: huge, with smooth/quiet sense at the keys, but with respectable tactile touches. It is also a 10-key. (keys 0-9) on the facet.
*note: This became also a point of rivalry for me, both the overall size of the screen and keyboard. Extra on those at the bottom of this assessment.
- external Video Outputs: each an HDMI AND a VGA connector. So i'm able to hook-as much as TVs in resort rooms to look at Netflix or my own movies off the computer, And/or will easily connect to any projectors accessible. You have to deliver your own cable(s) of direction.
*this will additionally connect to a 2nd or larger monitor. Maximum will be given one or the alternative of the connections.

- Gigabit Ethernet (the *wired* connection the usage of a cable/cord): again, not just the regular, and absolutely proper 100mbps (Megabits according to second) of most laptops, but a Gigabit or 1,000mbps connection that is 10 instances quicker. Now.. This can obviously make NO difference in a inn room, business meeting and many others, wherein the standard clearly is most effective "rapid Ethernet" or 100mbps. However, in case you're at domestic, or your office wherein you have got a full gigabit connectivity (that is your pc, the ethernet cable or cord, the connector inside the wall, the lines through the building, the switch(es), drop factors and router, etc. If ALL are gigabit succesful) you'll be able to hook up with your internal servers, printers or different computer systems/servers to your community 10x quicker. Reproduction, upload, down load, move, all a great deal, a good deal faster!

* A word on extra objects and cost:
adding to the computer the extra RAM (I were given from Amazon additionally, as recommended via another reviewer, and it really works brilliant)
Kingston HyperX effect Black 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM 1.35V computer reminiscence (HX316LS9IB/eight) @ $36
I know have a quick, capable pc right at $400.
Even including the SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM) ,@ $86
and a wireless mouse (TeckNet seasoned 2.4G wireless Mouse,Nano Receiver,6 Buttons,24 Month Battery life,2400 DPI 3 Adjustment levels ) @ $nine nonetheless puts me underneath $500 for an remarkable pc that blows anything else at that fee factor out of the water.
I might anticipate to pay at the least some other $one hundred if I wanted a middle-i5 CPU. But clearly, i am now not the usage of it for gaming. But am the usage of it for more than simply email and browsing the web. I assume to have more than one web browser home windows open walking google medical doctors, google map searches, LogMeIn. At the identical time jogging word, Excel, Outlook, streaming song, and some form of digital camera just like the constructed in webcam or an outside for surveillance or Skype, at the same time as either burning or copying DVD's... All on the equal time.
I expect this core-i3 will handle all of that without problems, after which some.
** i'm able to replace my studies on that when usage.

Currently I incredibly suggest this product if, this is, you don't thoughts the large keyboard and basic length nearly at par with a 17" version.

My first Impressions:
opening the pc container was a amusing revel in. No longer hard at all, just quality. I may not add any spoiler if you order one.
As some other reviewer referred to, i was surprised that it turned on without delay as I plugged it in. But, no worries, i was going to show it on within the subsequent second or two anyway.
I did now not locate it to be "plasticky" or "cheap" feeling. As an alternative the outdoor and keyboard are company enough and.. Product of a fabric that might not show fingerprints.
I used to be additionally very amazed and quite luckily excited to find the almost complete loss of "Bloatware" or "adware" that other reviewers stated that they had. This is, packages and programs with icons scattered across the display screen for things that the majority don't need, or need, however still click on on and deploy due to the fact they either do not know what the applications are for, or that they suppose they want to install them, etc.
Most people who complain approximately Bloatware in all likelihood don't understand this is what number of corporations are able to provide their products at a low fee factor. The adware/Bloatware manufacturers pay the pc organization for space on the screen/hard drive, and in go back, the laptop corporation passes financial savings onto us.
However.. This gaming laptop (the ASUS F555LA-AB31 15.6-inch complete-HD laptop (Laptop corei3, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD) with home windows 10) didn't have ANY greater or included "bloatware" that I could see. Only greater stuff from Microsoft like Xbox connection, 3-D power, MS cash, OneNote, and so forth. And a couple of ASUS gadgets. All of which have been/are perfectly proper gadgets that you virtually may like to apply. Not really taken into consideration bloatware in any respect.

Additionally.. If it HAD protected some thing I failed to need, i would virtually have gone into the add/remove programs placing and simply deleted them. Achieved.

A observe on setup:
- a couple of reviewers cited that they had viruses/malware either proper out of the field or quickly thereafter.
Now.. It *ought to* be that become a laptop that turned into back after having been inflamed via it's preceding owner and by some means slipped via cracks of the procedure designed to get hold of used laptops, refurbish/wipe out/reinstall the drives.
But truly, I experience assured that most people with the ones reviews definitely inflamed themselves via lack of understanding.
The moment you plug your computer, any pc with (particularly) home windows into a operating community, either wired or wi-fi, you're opening your self to becoming attacked and likely infected. In case you positioned a computer onto the net with none kind of protection it's miles pretty possible for it to become infected within only a few mins!
Probable from different computers on your house community!!!

So... Earlier than connecting to ANY community, you need to make certain your pc is ready, and as blanketed as possible.
There are lots of locations telling you what to do to installation home windows 10 and such, so i will just consist of the fundamentals of what to do/have equipped, before you connect with the network.
- make sure home windows Defender is grew to become ON (yes I realize, it's no longer that effective, but you will be putting in a terrific Anti-virus/Firewall in a couple of minutes
- Create a "restore Disk" (simply in case something is going wonky inside the following couple of minutes, or 12 months)
- Make a backup to either an external hard drive or DVDs (this could take most effective 2 dual layer DVDs or four everyday recordable ones)
*in case you backup to an outside power (USB), make certain to include a "device picture" with it.
- switch on gadget restore, provide yourself approximately 10% of your pressure for this.
- install a good third birthday celebration Anti-virus/Firewall program together with Norton, Kapersky, McAfee, Webroot, Bitdefender, Avast, AVG, ESET, and so on.
- go online and primary replace your anti-malware program (the one above you simply hooked up).
- update windows.
In the end, don't click on any hyperlink in ANY e-mail, except you are really sure you realize wherein it is coming from and taking you. There are web sites being created each single day to thwart/bypass all of your current security procedures. You aren't blanketed from the new threats until your antivirus organisation reveals them, creates a protection from them, and you download that safety.
Just because the e-mail is from your mom, and the link says, "i love you" does not mean it's sincerely from your mom (although she nonetheless possibly loves you). In case you're no longer positive.. (i have numerous non-techie circle of relatives participants that ahead stuff to me all of the time with none explanation), but you accept as true with the e-mail is from someone you trust, electronic mail them again (do not hit [Reply], the return deal with would possibly simply be the spammer/infector) and ask in the event that they sent it, and why. see also top rated laptop review

Matters I failed to like:
- windows 10, domestic version: Getting the home version can be pleasant for the majority who just do stuff at home or college. But if the laptop consists of Intel VT (digital generation) which this one does, you cannot use it with the "home" version.
Ok, ok. I understand the majority don't use VT.. Yet. But I do, and so do many different techies like me. If i've an extra CPU (I do) and some greater RAM (I do), then I may want to create what's referred to as a "virtual system". Kind of like every other computer in the laptop, and install a totally distinct OS (working device) on it like home windows XP, Vista, home windows 7 or Linux, and use it - absolutely separate from the "host" OS - as both a test bed (we name it a "sandbox" motive you could simply go in and mess around in it, then both save or undo the adjustments you made) for checking out new packages and such. OR.. Run an OS like Linux on it, and use it as a server or as a totally distinct tool for a ton of various functions.

New Laptop Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6-Inch For Sale Lowest Price Under $400

It might have been a good deal better to have covered windows 7 pro (or maybe the horrid Windows8), each of which include a unfastened improve to windows 10 (so long as you do it earlier than July 29, 2016). For my part, i am quite satisfied with home windows 7. Mainly if i am not gaming.
So.. Now, a good way to use the VT, I ought to either pay for an upgrade to windows 10 pro/remaining or Wipe the whole thing out, deploy a pro/final model of windows 7 and use the loose upgrade to home windows 10.

The scale - it is huge:(see my photo)
good enough.. This is a minor pet peeve. I actually expected this laptop to be quite a piece smaller than my 17" model. It's no longer.
It is handiest about an inch much less wide, and 1/2 an inch much less deep. The real liquid crystal display display screen size is
thirteen 1/2 x 7 three/4 (15.Five in diagonal) this computer vs
15" x eight half (17.25 in diagonal) at the 17" computer.
However the bezel out of doors the screen is nearly 1/2" wider on each aspect than the 17".
Even the keyboard is greater. This pc thirteen.5 x 4 1/eight" vs. The 17" laptop at thirteen.25 x 3 7/8!
I mean, I experience having the 10 key (even with out the "wide variety lock" indicator light) however to have the keys that unfold aside is just ridiculous to me. In my view I don't mind having the keys stuffed together as within the photo of the 14" pc on the left, as long as they may be full-sized keys AND laid out in a right QWERTY fashion. But to have them spread out as huge (or wider) as a stand by myself keyboard... Ugh. Furthermore, there's the entire "palm relaxation" portion. I do not know about you, however i am a huge guy, over 6 ft tall, with proportionately huge arms, and even I do not need all that more real-property to relaxation my arms on. Without problems could have taken an entire inch off the intensity, in addition to nearly a whole inch off the width.

So.. In conclusion, with all of the above being said, if you don't mind a 'domestic' version of windows, an expansion out keyboard and larger than needed normal size, the incapacity to take away the battery, the ability to most effective upload one extra RAM stick, issue swapping out the tough pressure to an SSD, and the dearth of any indicator lights (Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc.) however need a pc for a brilliant fee, it's fast, will multi-project well, comes with quite much all of the bells and whistles you can ask for (802.11ac, Gigabit Ethernet, full HD display, HDMI as well as VGA and VT if you need to upgrade to a home windows pro model, and many others.; then that is for you.
An great buy for the general public. An extremely good buy for me.
I exceedingly propose it.

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